Disney Collectible Mugs

Aren't mugs wonderful The handle is so 'hand'y for hot or cold. Adults, more than children, seem to use mugs. We don't want just a cup of coffee or green tea. Oh, no, we want a two-cup mug!

Why not enjoy your morning drink in a unique Disney collectible mug, featuring Grumpy, Pluto, Tinkerbell, or classic Mickey or vintage Minnie You can find glass, ceramic, and vinyl mugs on eBay. Instead of just the imprint on the mug, there are also mugs in the head shape of the character, including Minnie, Esmerelda, Nala, Alien, and Percy.

Mugs vary in price from two dollars on up depending on what shape it is in and how old it is. A Disney collectible German stein mug from 1955 might go for over two hundred dollars. Be sure to check the rating and reputation of the seller when you buy online on eBay.