Disney Collectible Plates

Disney collectible plates come in so many different sizes, types, and materials. You expect a wide assortment of Disney characters on the plates, and you will find them. However, you may be surprised at the main subject matter.

For example there's a Disney World collectible plate, a 50th anniversary of Fantasia plate, and a Disney Animal Kingdom plate, among many others. Most plates are colorful and filled with the design. And yet, A Walt Disney Grolier Minnie Mouse plate from 1993 is softer in design.

There are mini plates, ornate plates, vintage and new Mother's Day plates, Christmas plates, and sets. Plates can be found made of china, glass, ceramics, and tin. Shop a variety of Disney collector and limited edition plates on eBay.

Find collectible plates featuring Mickey Mouse, Peter Pan, Tigger, and many other lovable Disney characters.